Unlock personal impact, team performance, and your organization’s potential.

Lillian Davenport
Leadership and Career Strategist

Lillian Davenport, Leadership and Career Strategist

Lillian Davenport
Leadership and Career Strategist

One-to-One Coaching

Are you a senior leader in an organization with broad-scope responsibility or a small business executive?

And are you at a crucial time in your career as you amplify your personal and business presence, step into a new role, take on increased responsibilities, engage in a high-profile assignment, or spearhead a significant organizational change?

You know that success is a product of talent and intentional development. And you are committed to creating unmatched personal and business impact.

We work with leaders like you to realize their desired leadership effectiveness, influence, and career visibility, engaging a holistic approach and tailoring the focus and outcomes to fulfill expectations.

Maximize HER Leadership™️ | STEPS

The Unique You

Complete a validated leadership assessment to confirm your values, strengths, and opportunities and make sense of the outcomes within the framework of your position.

Professional Impacts and Implications

Gain insight into who or what motivates how you understand and respond to events and conditions today.

Reality Check

Anchor your self-awareness in a reality check when you consider who you are becoming against your desired presence and influence.

Growth Planning

Develop a tailored leadership growth plan that considers your aspirations and goals.

Mindset Shift

Zero in on, and implement strategies and actions, to elevate your leadership effectiveness, executive presence, influence, and career trajectory.

Change Leadership

Model and mentor impact-changing leadership behaviors that influence the workplace culture and multiply your effect – make a difference in increased active employee engagement and organizational performance.


Lead with confidence, courage, and refined leadership capabilities that empower higher personal and organizational performance.

Leadership Team Group Coaching

Leadership Team Group Coaching is for mid-level leaders, first-time managers, and high-level individual contributors looking to polish their skills in critical areas: navigating complex people leadership situations, engaging in beneficial business relationship building, delivering stand-out performance, and mapping career advancement paths.

Leadership team members will cultivate a CEO mindset that deepens strategic business insight. This enables breakthrough views that embrace, champion, and facilitate organizational change, employee engagement, and higher individual and team performance.

Organizational Development Consulting

Organizational Development Consulting is for leaders ready to unleash the organization’s full potential.  

We work with leaders to evaluate the existing workplace culture, identify opportunities to strengthen the organization as a business system, and create and implement strategies and plans to realize the desired culture and business goals. This process often includes work environment assessments, targeted organizational development initiatives, and change management support.

The goal is to enable the organization to gain an overall competitive edge in its productivity, performance, and bottom-line results.