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Priority Management and Self-Care

Are you overworked, stretched thin, and your wellness is at stake? But, a “Great Breakup” with work is not a viable option or it is not your preference. The McKinsey & Company and “Women in the Workplace 2022” study indicates the above as dilemmas women continue to manage. While there is no one solution,

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The Power of Belonging

The rate of actively disengaged employees in the United States continues to rise as the rate of engaged employees is consistently declining.  And one of the elements that dropped the most amongst younger workers and women is “feeling cared about at work.” (Gallup, January 2023).   “Employee engagement is the involvement and enthusiasm of employees in

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What’s Most Important – Performance or Relationship Building?

You have transitioned to a different company or department, accepted expanded responsibilities, or may still be in your initial role, and everything is running smoothly.  What is most important now – performance or relationship building?  Both! Performance is an unspoken necessary condition. However, some say that business relationships are like the oil that runs through an

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