What Does It Take to Get Promoted?


Outstanding performance is the beginning, not the end of what it takes to get promoted. In the book, Empowering Yourself, The Organizational Game Revealed, Harvey Coleman (1996) shares a lesson. Performance, Image and Exposure (P.I.E.) join forces to influence career advancement. Achieving Outstanding Performance on day-to-day tasks contributes 10% to career success. What other people

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What Are You Chasing?


Recently, a sermonic challenge – “Chase Less After ‘More’ and More After ‘Less’” piqued my interest. I began to think about what this challenge means professionally in a world where career success is often measured by the number of zeroes after the comma, the name of the high-profile organization where one works, the number of

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Don’t Ignore Warning Signs…


Who cares about your personal values? Of course, you do. Yet, organizations – business units and work groups – should have genuine curiosity about what you value as an employee or prospective employee. Your personal values, specifically your needs, desires and beliefs, represent what is important to you. Values become a cornerstone for decision-making and

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