M3 Leadership Academy

M3 Leadership AcademySM is an 11-session, virtually facilitated professional development experience for emerging leaders and first-time managers.

If you recently transitioned or anticipate progressing from independent contributor to people leader, then you’re in the right place.  You will join a group of women as we engage in a leadership intensive that provides a safe space for authentic learning, collaboration, and encouragement.

You are empowered to influence your career trajectory, and it starts right here.

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What We Cover in M3 Leadership AcademySM


Module 1: Orientation

Ready yourself to begin this leadership development journey and meet the class cohort.

Session 1: Meet & Greet

Expand Your Professional Network, Establish Your Vision of Success, and Secure an In-depth Training Introduction


Module 2: Discover Your Leadership DNA

Ignite your leadership effectiveness as you zoom in on your values, strengths, and derailing behaviors. Gain insight into emotional intelligence as a gateway to valuable business relationships and success.

Session 2: Manager – Leader and Workplace Dynamics

Gain Insight to Make an Effective Transition from Peer to Leader and Effectively Use Power and Influence

Session 3: The Leader Within

Unveil Personal Values, Strengths, Career Derailers, and Self-Mastery
(3-hour, virtual class)

Private Coaching Week

Establish your development and success agenda during a Private Coaching meeting.


Module 3: Design Your Ideal Future and Narrative

Determine your short- and long-range career goals and an action plan to achieve the targets. Next, you will create your marketing message and determine ways to engage others' support.

Session 4: Insights, Revelations, and Career Design

Know What You Want in Your Professional Life and Create a Path to Achieve It

Session 5: Use Your Voice

Share Your Vision with Enthusiasm and Confidence


Module 4: Develop Your Leadership Impact

Cultivate business thinking and active employee engagement. Gain insight into the organization's inputs, processes, and outputs as a business system.

Session 6: The Business System, Business Relationships, and Professional Presence

View the Entire Organization, Expand Business Relationships, and Advance Your Professional Presence

Session 7: Team Development, Conflict Management, and Diversity & Inclusion

Lead Your Team Into High Performance

Session 8: Employee Engagement, Priority Management, Delegation, and Meeting Management

Employ Techniques to Enhance Leadership Effectiveness

Session 9: Project Management and Business Presentations

Adopt Practical Project Management and Business Presentation Techniques

Session 10: Business Presentations Practice and Feedback

Deliver a Timed Presentation with Debrief

Private Coaching Week

Confirm your way forward during a Private Coaching meeting.


Module 5: The Way Forward

Bring it all together to set your cornerstone for expanding your leadership impact and advancing your career.

Session 11: Affirm Your Future

Model, Mentor, and Multiply Your Influence and Impact

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