Personal Development

Personal Development

We support individuals who come directly to us for resume services and personalized coaching. In addition, we work with organizations to provide tailored career services to their employees.

Our clients are typically:

  • Business Professionals, Managers, Directors and Senior-level Leaders
  • Individuals seeking or experiencing career mobility – upward, sideways or downward
  • Individuals in transition as a result of organizational restructures
  • Individuals new to the U.S. job market
  • Individuals who are seeking Board of Director appointment

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Resume Services

Personal Coaching

What Our Clients Say

It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Lillian Davenport’s services. I met Lillian at an HR project Management course where she offered to guide me throughout my job search. She was so helpful and managed to showcase my skills like nobody else. Her experience in Global Human Resources was a huge advantage. I have been recommending her services to all my friends who need some career advice ever since. To my delight, she also accepted to lead a “Networking workshop” at the French American Chamber of Commerce where I volunteer. The preparation of the event went so smoothly thanks to Lillian’s responsiveness and capacity to understand effortlessly the needs of her audience. The feedback we received by the group afterward was exceptional especially regarding her communication skills. She overall scored 9 out of 10! They loved how she was engaging with them and all the practical advice she delivered. We really hope she will accept to run another workshop at fall.

Along with her undeniable talent, Lillian has been an absolute joy to work with. She is a true partner, and manages to foster positive discussions and bring the best out of other people. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Lillian and really hope that our professional paths cross again, in the meantime and without a doubt, I confidently recommend Lillian’s services to anyone who need reliable, personable and efficient HR consultancy services.

Camille Marcotte

Global HR & Contracts Director, The Global Edge Consultants

Resume Services

From Early Career professionals to senior-level leaders, we help you showcase your talents, skills and achievements in your resume, tailoring it to meet your objectives.

We Review Your Resume and Provide Feedback.  An independent resume review provides an objective viewpoint.  We deliver a 45-minute resume debrief with recommended updates.  You integrate the updates into your resume.

We Develop Your Professional Resume.  Your professional resume reflects your personal brand.  So, it is important to get to know you and your objectives.  We start with an initial meeting – face-to-face or videoconference.  We listen, ask questions and work with you to obtain information to fully understand your career history – your roles, responsibilities, achievements, impacts, service-orientation and more.

We work to understand your heart – what you are seeking to accomplish, such as:

  • Securing a new position or your first position
  • Pursing advancement in your current career path
  • Refining your resume to reflect local practices (if you are new to the U.S. job market, such as an expatriate)
  • Seeking to elevate your engagement and leadership in community service

We keep the communication lines open, gathering additional information to create the resume that reflects you.  We end the process with a closing meeting, obtaining your final feedback.

We Develop Your Professional Cover Letter.  A professional cover letter gives insight that is not included in your resume.  We meet with you to determine your expectations and recommend content to include in the cover letter.  We develop a personalized cover letter to complement your resume.

We Develop Your Executive Biography.  An Executive Biography is an additional resource to use during and after your executive job search.  It is a way to tell your story, positively reflecting who you are, your leadership philosophy, personal values, experience and expertise, career milestones and successes.  We work with you to create a concise one-page bio, highlighting information that goes beyond the technical aspects of your resume.

Personal Coaching

Are you new to your position or engaged in an active job search?

Are you preparing for a promotion or career transition?

Is increasing your self-awareness a part of your personal development plan?

Would developing stand-out leadership skills give you an edge?

Whether an individual client or an organization providing support to its employees, personalized coaching is the foundation of our relationship. Personalized coaching allows you to zoom in on you – to consider your current professional and personal situation, confirm your strengths and values, identify barriers and ways to overcome, and develop and implement a tailored action plan to achieve your goals.

Greater self-awareness is key to assessing your present situation, making effective decisions about next steps and forming a tailored action plan. That is why we balance our coaching with an independent, highly scientifically reliable assessments, The Hogan Assessment Systems or The Birkman Method.

You will zoom in on your strengths that contribute to your success, performance risks that could become a problem and block personal success, and core values that motivate you to succeed.  We help you understand the kinds of jobs and work environments that bring out the best in you, providing insight to make career decisions and excel in your profession.

The Hogan Assessment  and The Birkman Method are offered and interpreted by a certified professional.

Hogan assessments offer the range of measurement required to understand people’s strengths, weaknesses, values, and approach to problem-solving. The core assessments measure normal personality characteristics, career derailment risks, core value drivers, cognitive style, and decision-making ability.

In addition to providing individual insight, the Hogan personality assessments help organizations to hire the right people, develop employees and build strong leaders the organization needs to thrive. The Hogan reports address a range of needs, from selection to high potential to executive-level development.


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