We are nearing the end of another calendar year, and it's often a season that allows us to rest, relax, and reflect. 

This year, I am reminded of when I hosted an annual REFLECTIONS brunch, engaging a diverse group of women that spanned generations, career stages, and seasons of life.  

While varied in our perspectives, our common thread focused on the greater good of others as we refreshed, renewed, and re-fueled for the year ahead.

Anchoring Your Reflections

Below is a twist on the acrostic I created to prompt aspirational behaviors for those attending the event, and it now serves as a gentle reminder for me. 

Here is my spin on R-E-F-L-E-C-T-I-O-N-S as an acrostic. 

As you move full speed ahead with great expectations of what is around the corner, BE – 


Let your inner strength radiate externally in behaviors and actions.


Create a sense of hope that fuels others’ desire to engage and contribute actively to achieving your shared goals and objectives.


Set and communicate boundaries, zooming in on and discerning the critical few priorities that make a difference.

A Lifelong Learner. 

Learn daily – stretch yourself to become your best self.


Establish an environment of inclusion, appreciating diversity in appearance, thoughts, backgrounds, and more – the best ideas come from differences rather than sameness.


Never underestimate the power of a kind word – it is never lost and brings cheer to others.


Say what you will do, do what you say.


Cast a vision that stretches everyone’s capabilities.


Notice subtle changes – they could signal future opportunities and the need to shift directions proactively.


Model the behaviors you value, mentor others to develop and grow, and multiply your impact.

A Servant Leader.

Look to equip, enable, and empower others – ask not what others can do for you but what you can do to provide support, clearing the path to their success.


As we end this year, I sincerely thank each of you in my community for making it a year to remember fondly. 

I wish you much success as you implement your REFLECTIONS, finish this calendar year strong, and enter the new one with confidence, courage, and impact.

Look back. Look within. Look forward.  Your best is yet to come!


Lillian Davenport, SPHR, SHRM – SCP, CTACC, Principal, End View Solutions, LLC

Lillian Davenport

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Lillian Davenport is a coach, consultant, and leadership strategist. Her signature program, M3 LeadershipSM, prepares you to enhance and develop your self-awareness, embrace your inner strength, and lead with confidence, courage, and impact.

Lillian’s career as a human resources leader includes roles at JPMorgan Chase & Co., Woodforest National Bank, and American International Group, Inc. (AIG), where she leveraged employee relations, and diversity, equity, and inclusion expertise in leadership development.