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Lillian Davenport, Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator

Lillian Davenport, founder of End View Solutions, speaks at people development conferences, professional membership associations, corporate lunch and learns, employee resource group meetings, women’s groups, business meetings, and more. Lillian inspires audiences to amplify self-awareness, embrace their inner strengths, and increase leadership effectiveness.


Lillian has delivered engaging speeches to clients, including – Forrester®, Habitat for Humanity (national), HR Houston Gulf Coast Symposium on HR Issues, Workforce Solutions, the University of Houston – Clear Lake, French-American Chamber of Commerce Texas, and an international professional services network organization.

Lillian Davenport, Leadership and Career Strategist

Lillian has an engaging, thought-stimulating style that prompts introspection, expanded thinking, and individual growth.  She creates a conversational environment, drawing upon the audience’s experiences to encourage bridge-building to personal change.

Lillian tailors presentations to inspire and inform the specific audience.

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Facilitation and Training 


Microlearning sessions are 60-minute focused, impactful segments that deliver digestible information. The sessions are efficient, convenient, and easy to fit into a busy schedule. You will gain knowledge or skills to address your immediate learning needs.

Extended Learning

The Extended Learning workshops involve more in-depth attention on a particular topic. You are engaged interactively through activities, exercises, assessments, and more to facilitate deeper learning. You will develop new or hone existing skills that readily connect and transfer to your leadership and career.

Integrated Learning

Our Integrated Learning is a blend of multiple leadership topics covered under M3 Leadership – Model Mentor Multiply, a leadership development program. M3 Leadership explores the interconnectivity and relationship of various dimensions of leadership, provides real-world application insights and hands-on learning transfer, and establishes a platform for significant leadership learning, development, and growth.

HR Houston
Workforce Solutions
French American Chamber of Commerce - Houston

Sample Talks and Programs

Lillian delivers presentations to inspire and inform the audience and can tailor the topics to support strategic goals and objectives. Presentations include…

Ignite Your Career Breakthrough

The higher you advance in an organization, the more probable this critical element is missing from your career strategy. Business leaders can integrate this one practice to positively influence the likelihood of more effective leadership, higher performance, and professional fulfillment.

Your Leadership Style and Savvy Relationship Building

Vibrant business relationships with other executives, peers, and team members are essential to success. Proactively managing these relationships is the straightest path to achieving personal and organizational effectiveness. Reflect on your leadership style and determine how to adapt when interacting with others to build sustaining alliances.

Shifting from Operational to Strategic Leadership

As a leader, it’s easy to get caught up in managing day-to-day without exploring the business landscape to identify trends, patterns and strategic impact opportunities. Learn practical ways to raise your strategic leadership without neglecting the details.

Leading a Multigenerational Workforce through Change

With four or five generations in the workplace, a leader who harnesses and effectively integrates the unique strengths of each generation creates a competitive edge for the organization. Learn strategies and techniques that promote highly effective cross-generational engagement in change initiatives, creating buy-in that leads to success. 

Women and Work-life Balance

There are priorities and demands in every stage of career competing for limited time, attention, and resources. Explore strategies for achieving greater work-life balance. Focus on your end vision and ways to experience fulfillment in your profession and in life now.