Extended Learning

Extended Learning workshops enhance management development within organizations. Engage in tailored learning initiatives exclusively crafted for your organization, or join one of our public workshops for a comprehensive learning experience. Extended Learning is available virtually or in person.

Extended Learning

Your Why. Your Superpower. Your Career Vision of Success. (3 hours)

You have a superpower that motivates your actions. That driver explains your purpose, empowering you to intentionally plan and make informed career decisions that elevate personal satisfaction and professional impact. Discover your WHY operating system, tap into it to consciously influence your impact, and create a career that brings you joy.

This workshop is ideal for individuals or teams.

Your Why. Your Gift. Your Leadership. (3 hours)

Each of us has an operating system that motivates actions. That system explains why you do what you do, influences your leadership approach, and creates the tension that fuels healthy team conflict while driving unmatched collaboration and teamwork. It is the secret sauce of leadership success. Recognizing, understanding, and managing the system dynamics is crucial. Discover your operating system, its strengths, and its impact on others around you – professionally and personally.

This workshop is ideal for complete leadership teams, intact teams, or leaders from the same organization as relevant case scenarios drive more profound understanding and engagement.

Women at Work: Mining your Acres of Diamonds (3 hours)

Are you amongst the 15%? We will uncover the secret sauce that inspires personal change, leading to increased confidence, objectivity, credibility, and trust – setting the stage for thriving careers. Ultimately, you will learn strategies to ignite your leadership and career breakthrough and hold space from a position of strength.

Teaming Up to Right-Size the Load (2 hours)

Working with others takes intentional effort to transition from a group of individuals engaging independently, either as a workgroup or project team, to a high-performing, integrated unit. As a leader, you guide your group through a team development process – all while managing, valuing, and respecting gifts, talents, varying perspectives, and capabilities. This workshop equips you with strategies to create and sustain an engaged, high-performing team.

Re-engage Your Disengaged Team Member (2 hours)

Employee disengaged behaviors show up in various ways. Learn to read the organization's work environment room, manage changing dynamics, and shift the engagement narrative through intentional leadership actions.