Integrated Learning

We tailor Integrated Learning for seasoned and up-and-coming leaders and top-performing individual contributors within organizations. Our program is dedicated to helping leaders refine their leadership effectiveness by embracing new habits and behaviors. Integrated Learning is available virtually or in person. If delivered virtually, we incorporate online self-paced learning via a learning management system and deliver facilitated mastermind sessions.

Integrated Learning
Integrated Learning Model

M3 Leadership – Model. Mentor. Multiply.℠

This integrated Leadership development program prepares participants to enhance and develop their self-awareness, embrace their inner strength, and lead with confidence, courage, and impact.

This program is ideal for an organization’s intact leadership teams, leaders from the same organization, emerging leaders, or high-achieving individual contributors.

M3 is a comprehensive, interactive program comprising four Leadership Tracks:

The Strategic Self-Awareness track offers a structured approach to enhance participants’ leadership capabilities by focusing on critical elements such as values, strengths, and potential stumbling blocks. It prepares participants to strengthen their self-awareness, embrace their inner strength, and lead with confidence, courage, and impact. 

Session: The Leader Within Discovery (8 hours)

During this session, participants begin a journey of intentional self-discovery via online self-awareness assessments that uncover the driving forces behind their actions.

Participants delve into the core motivations that fuel their actions (WHY), explore how these motivators reveal their purpose (HOW), and identify the consistent outcomes they deliver (WHAT). Participants also gain insights into their strengths, performance risks, core values, and self-leadership strategies. They emerge from the session with a personalized growth plan to nurture self-leadership skills crucial for short- and long-term Leadership and career success.

This Leadership Fundamentals track delves into leadership and management behaviors, exploring the balance between the two to maximize impact and results. Central to the track is cultivating interpersonal and Leadership skills essential for fostering a highly engaged workforce.

Session: First Things First – The Leader-Manager Playbook (6 hours)

Participants explore essential people leadership and management behaviors, honing their skills to lead and inspire others effectively. Through interactive discussions and practical exercises, participants gain valuable insights into fostering high-performing and productive teams. They learn to take intentional actions that empower team members, foster collaboration, and drive toward achieving business objectives.

Session: Higher Employee Engagement (6 hours)

Research consistently shows a direct link between active employee engagement and Leadership. This session equips participants with the knowledge, skills, and strategies to champion active employee engagement, drive organizational success, and boost their teams toward peak performance.

Session: Performance Management Essentials (6 hours)

This workshop provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of performance management core principles and practices. Participants will explore the critical components of performance management and gain practical skills to manage and enhance team performance. 

Next-Level Leadership empowers participants with a holistic toolkit for cultivating a strategic business mindset and developing skills necessary to excel in leadership roles within today’s dynamic business landscape.

Session: Systems Thinking and More (6 hours)

Participants view the organization as a complex system, understanding how inputs, processes, and outputs shape its performance and strategic goals. Participants gain essential skills to lead and engage in strategic planning, change Leadership, and project management, fostering adaptability and innovation within their teams.

Session: Problem Management and Decision-Making (6 hours)

Participants dive into the realms of problem management and decision-making, guided by the principles of strategic self-awareness. Using self-discovery, participants explore how their strengths and potential derailers influence their problem-solving and decision-making approach. Participants explore effective problem-management and decision-making approaches, engaging in activities to deepen understanding and hone skills.

Session: Power, Presence, and Presentation (12 hours)

This session moves beyond conventional hierarchies of power, leadership, and influence within the organizational setting to explore varied power sources and dynamics, enabling participants to leverage influences to their advantage. Another aspect covered is the cultivation of executive presence, where participants refine their communication skills, master mindful body language, and focus on a polished overall image.

Rounding out this session is the mastery of business presentation skills, including a timed presentation delivery.

The Career Management track takes participants on a journey of intentional career development, guided by a comprehensive framework designed to align their passions, purpose, and ambitions. Participants emerge with a clear roadmap for their career development, armed with the confidence, communication skills, and strategic insights needed to navigate their professional path with purpose and intentionality.

Session: Insights, Revelations, and Career Design (6 hours)

Participants envision and map their ideal professional futures in this session with clarity and purpose. With a focus on breaking through barriers and embracing boldness, participants embark on career self-discovery and empowerment in a safe and supportive space to explore their professional aspirations without limitations or constraints. Participants set ambitious and lofty professional growth and development goals, identify opportunities to stretch themselves beyond their comfort zones and strive for excellence in their endeavors.

Finally, recognizing the pivotal role of relationship-building in professional success, participants  evaluate their relational interactions within and outside the organization, identifying areas for growth and refinement.