These Microlearning seminars are ideal for individuals seeking specialized, laser-focused knowledge to improve or expand upon specific skills. These seminars are perfect for current people leaders and those aspiring to such roles. They are delivered online or in person.


Lessons in Leadership (60 minutes)

Every career experience teaches what to do and what not to do. Gain insights to help set your leadership on your success trajectory without learning everything first-hand.

A.C.E. Your Leadership Impact (60 minutes)

Early career professionals often start with a head-down, get-the-work-done approach. While a high level of performance is crucial, mastering A.C.E. will position you to lead with impact from your position – with or without a manager title. Expand your toolkit with A.C.E. strategies.

Champion Your Professional Worth (60 minutes)

The gender wage gap is real, and it is not the same for all women groups. Knowledge is the beginning of change – and change happens with one intentional action. This workshop helps you to assess what is within your control and determine what you can do early to reduce the gap.

Maximize Your Uniqueness (60 minutes)

You may find yourself the only woman in the room. Similarly, a woman of color may find herself the only person of color in the room, amongst other women and men. An "only" status in either scenario can trigger unrealistic pressures to represent an entire people group. Learn strategies to move forward confidently without the pressure to perform or represent others.

Are You at a Career Crossroad? (60 minutes)

Your workload is heavy professionally and in your personal life. Rising expectations about what you could and should do result in multiplied commitments and narrow rejuvenation margins. Gain insight into ways to manage your life portfolio.

Get to the Top and Stay at the Top Without Tumbling Down (60 minutes)

The competition to advance in the leadership pipeline within an organization is intense. Research has revealed that the small group of people who have mastered this process is amongst the elite who reap a significant benefit – career advancement. Learn a "3-S" approach to advance your career.

Ready Yourself for Career Advancement (60 minutes)

Advancing your career will not happen by chance. As a business uses a strategic plan to inform its way, so should you have a strategic career plan to plot your path. Gain insight into core elements that enable you to create career opportunities and avail yourself of those presented to you.

Amplify Your Voice & Shape Your Career (60 minutes)

Research indicates that roughly 16 percent of people are introverts. That means we are in the minority. Even so, there are ways to amplify your voice to shape and advance your career. Learn three strategies to engage early in your career to navigate an extroversion tendency world better.

Slay the Giant: Impostor Syndrome (60 minutes)

Are you a high achiever who struggles to internalize, own, and accept personal success? Then, impostor syndrome could be a saboteur. Learn to recognize how impostor syndrome shows up for you and ways to mitigate and manage its effect.

Reboot Strategies: Remember, Reflect, and Re-engineer (60 minutes)

Are you at a standstill in your career – not getting the desired exposure to career decision-makers, experiencing challenges in building and sustaining business relationships, or experiencing overwork? This workshop offers seven strategies to help you reboot and move forward intentionally and confidently.