End View Solutions testimonials
Denise Hester
As a woman in senior leadership, I realize the value of a trusted accountability partner to listen objectively, challenge my thinking, and authentically keep my best interest at the forefront. As a coach and accountability partner, Lillian Davenport created the coaching environment that elevated my strengths, positioning me to broaden my scope of responsibility and impact confidently. I highly recommend Lillian’s coaching services.

Denise Hester


“When it was time for me to make a career move, I wanted to do it well, by making the right assessment on my end. To have a structured approach to whatever was next for me, I for the first time in my career decided to get help from an Executive Coach.
Lillian Davenport from EndView Solutions was a great resource for me in my search. Not only did she help me identify what I was looking for, she also helped me transition into my new position. She asked the right questions, challenged my assumptions, pushed my boundaries beyond my comfort zone, all this to help me reach a clear sense of self-awareness and clarity.The high-quality level of coaching services provided by Ms. Davenport continues to be instrumental in my day-to-day as an Executive. I highly recommend her services!”

Adja Ba

Executive Vice President

I was a participant in Maximize HER Leadership. The information gained from this course was rich and insightful. It helped me understand myself as a leader, the value I bring to an organization, and my leadership styles. One of the most interesting weeks I enjoyed was going through a case study wearing a CEO hat and understanding what was wrong with the business. I felt like I could come into this program and be myself; it enriched my life personally and professionally.

Vera Verdree



The Maximize HER Leadership program helped me in so many ways. First, the program helped me become more self-aware, homing in on how I react to challenging pressure situations at work, enabling me to explore solutions amongst a group of female peers. Second, the program’s content is extremely rich, including videos, breakout sessions, articles, great guest speakers, and a self-assessment to help me identify my strengths and weaknesses and use them as an advantage. Third, the program helped me identify my objectives, find and nurture my unique sources of power, and strategize and transform my purpose as an up-and-coming leader in my organization. The program exceeded my expectations and provided me with what I needed to become a powerful and purpose-driven leader.

Hailey Atwill-Layrock



Stephanie Vivians
“As the President of Myriad Engineering Solutions, LLC a civil engineering firm, I engaged Lillian Davenport. We focused on clarifying my firm’s strategic direction and my becoming more self-aware as a leader. I appreciated Lillian’s approach of encouraging me to engage in breakthrough thinking that empowered actions and established an executive presence that created a personal and business advantage. In addition, Lillian facilitated a strategic planning session and produced deliverables that have become solid reference documents to enable our firm to remain focused on achieving our goals. I recommend Lillian as a coach and consultant to help you in your company.”

Stephanie Vivians



“It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Lillian Davenport. I had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Davenport and her consulting team about my two Pearle Vision franchises. What I appreciated most was the personal dialogue between my team and her staff. This information was used to provide meaningful solutions to drive behaviors that resulted in improved customer experiences and ultimately increased revenue. In today’s challenging business environment, her consulting company is a secret weapon to provide viable business solutions!”


“With decades of experience, Lillian gives you the necessary tools and facilitates discussions meeting you where you are on your journey and helping you recognize your potential and how far you can go. She does not give you answers but asks probing questions that help you arrive at the “ahas” you seek. Her demeanor is calming and disarming, which forces you to examine issues in their entirety. She has a knack for helping you get ‘unstuck’ in your thinking to appreciate the bigger picture.”

Mosilda Asanji

Higher Education

“Lillian is a transformative executive-level coach. She stands out because her coaching is grounded in gifts and talents that she leverages to address your unique needs. I think Lillian’s secret sauce is that she is a deep listener who does so with ease and asks excellent follow-up questions with genuine respect and insight. She then very quickly connects the dots and recommends useful on-target exercises. In retrospect, the solution(s) may seem obvious to you, but a talented and empathetic coach like Lillian is essential to help experienced professionals achieve their goals during challenging moments. She believes that everyone has gifts and a unique purpose and is very skilled in providing thoughtful recommendations to help you stay on course. I highly recommend Lillian as an executive coach.

Nina Senn

Lead Attorney


Opportunity Ready: It's Her Turn

Nina Senn
“Lillian Davenport is an esteemed professional whose mission – “Helping women leaders build confidence, courage, and capabilities to experience thriving careers” – is evident in every conversation. I had the pleasure of consulting with Lillian over several years regarding my career development and strategy. Her passion, professionalism, knowledge, and poise beam through with every conversation. In addition to receiving leadership and professional coaching services, I have attended several of her mini-series training sessions which have been instrumental to my professional growth. Lillian Davenport is your person if you are looking to elevate and thrive in your career.”

Rayana Brown


Lillian is incredible! I signed up for Maximize HER Leadership workshop, which was for a couple of months, and it was worth it! There was a lot of hands-on experience; I learned new things about myself and learned new leadership tools that I know I will use in the future—Lillian’s private coaching sessions were very helpful.

Sreya Hossain

Supply Chain

Lillian is an expert in career strategy and has extensive knowledge of leadership strategy. She advised me for the first time this year, and she has far exceeded my expectations. Lillian differs from other people in the industry with her in-depth knowledge of possible issues while helping clients position themselves for career growth. Besides these qualities, she is direct and precise in estimating her client’s possibilities on the market. I would always recommend Lillian to anyone seeking career growth and guidance opportunities.

Aneecia Vernessa Tafara

Finance Performance Associate

My connection with Lillian began through a mutual connection we shared when I collaborated on the Texas Bay Area SHRM Legislative Conference in 2017. I have recently come to know Lillian as a gifted career coach. She has such a vision for what great things people can accomplish by uncovering and recognizing their strengths and weaknesses. In addition, her broad background in HR and her strength as a female leader in the community make her a precious connection and resource for anyone seeking to improve themselves personally or professionally!

Anne Dowless


Human Resources

“Lillian Davenport has the innate ability to create a coaching environment that provides her clients with a safe space to be transparent and reflective in the coaching and feedback process. I believe Lillian’s superpower includes her vast knowledge and experience in leadership development and the nurturing way she communicates to her clients.”

Donna Hailey

Talent Development

“I have worked with Lillian in a personal coaching capacity and recently invited her to speak with a small work group of women. Lillian provided insights, particularly around negotiating pay, that were extremely helpful to the audience. Her strategies for how to start relevant conversations were of particular interest and will no doubt be leveraged by this audience in the future. Lillian is a go-to resource to gain fresh and seasoned perspective in career path building.”

Christina Bona Davis


“Phenomenal, Charismatic, Experienced, Humorous, Inspiring and Uplifting are just a few words to describe this well rounded talented empowering speaker. She is organized, with well-defined points clearly connecting and logical for those in the audience”

Workforce Solution

Strategic Operations Manager

NiQuisha Washington

Over the past five years, scores of HR Houston’s 2,000 members have benefited from attending a presentation by Lillian Davenport. As a concurrent session presenter at the Gulf Coast Symposium on HR Issues, she consistently receives attendee feedback, such as “Well done.” “Great dialogue with the group.” “Lillian was excellent!” “I love her style!” and “Very engaging!”

Barbara Lane

Executive Director

HR Houston