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I had the pleasure to work with Lillian on re-creating a resume and cover letter template to be better prepared to apply to jobs after graduating college.I loved working with Lillian for several reasons. Her valuable experience in HR really set her apart from other people I could’ve worked with. She knew the right questions to ask and was able to take some of the simplest experiences and explain the impact it had in selling myself, on my resume, etc… and that wasn’t just helpful for my job applications it also helped in teaching me a lot about my own past; something that would help a lot in interviews.I also loved the fact that she was proactive in scheduling meetings and working around my busy schedule. She also used video conferencing which was a nice personal touch. Overall, she was very personable, it made me feel like my resume was in the hands of someone who really wanted to see me do well.

Jordan Sparks

Graduate, Howard University


It is my pleasure to write a recommendation on behalf of Lillian Davenport. I had the opportunity to meet her during a presentation she presented in 2014 on the topic, “Your Professional Brand is showing…” which included resume writing, interviewing, and professional networking.Impressed with her knowledge, I immediately hired her to work with my older son in New York, who at the time was looking for the perfect job after a college internship. I can attest to the character, work ethic, and professionalism she exhibits in her work that resulted in him not only getting multiple interviews, but landing the perfect job for him and in the field of his studies.In 2017, I reached out to her to guide my youngest son in writing his resume to ensure that any decision he makes is one that aligns with who he is and what his goals are.I have the deepest personal and professional respect for her, and I sincerely believe that you will be just as impressed with Ms. Davenport as I am, and I urge you to consider her if you want the ‘right’ job or want your resume to stand out from others.

Ja’nice Sparks

Deputy Assistant Director/CFO, City of Houston


Upon graduating college and looking to start my professional career in the electronics industry, I ran into the issue that I was unsure how to market myself to potential employers.After writing a resume on my own and not having much luck, I had a meeting with the Davenports who looked over my resume, helped me edit it and taught me how to tailor my cover letter to grab companies’ attention. Within a few weeks of meeting with the Davenports I was able to get a great job with an oil company.

Terrance Carpenter

Field Service Technician, National Oilwell Varco


It was a such a pleasure to work with Lillian. In our first conversation, I could tell that she possessed such a wealth of knowledge and experience which she shared with me freely. Lillian pushed me to think beneath the surface in a level of detail I have never received. Additionally, Lillian conducted a mock interview that truly simulated a real interview. I went into the actual interview feeling extremely confident, prepared and comfortable because of the mock interview conducted by Lillian. I would recommend Lillian to anyone who is looking to work with someone who has the experience, skill set and knowledge to help with professional resume writing and conducting mock interviews.

Tia Jackson

PMP, National Oilwell Varco


Through the coaching sessions, Lillian gave me many reflective questions, that have played a valuable role in my career and advancement opportunities. Although I initially saw the outcome of simply searching for and defining the answers, it was not until I changed career paths and simply applied for a promotion that I saw just how I would apply this newfound information.One of the greatest values I take away from the coaching is that I need to be comfortable selling ‘Ashley’. If I can’t advertise why I am needed, hard work and dedication may fall to the wayside; it’s not so much as bragging but speaking up for oneself in a way that isn’t overbearing. I truly appreciate every step of the way, from initially entering the job search, to applying the critical thinking skills to my talents and value.

Ashley Curry

Sysco Business Services, Service Desk SME

Lillian helped me transition from a 24-year career to a 2nd career during a weak job market. She not only restructured my resume to highlight my skills and experience but my mindset as well.Lillian is an extraordinary person and I will always be grateful for her help.

Joyce Garza

Global Logistics Professional


HR Houston 2017 Gulf Coast Symposium, Concurrent Session Speaker – The Difference Maker! Managing Change in the Transforming Multi-Generational Workplace.

While I’ve heard this content in other presentations, Lillian presents in a fun and engaging way. Highly recommend!


HR Houston 2017 Gulf Coast Symposium, Concurrent Session Speaker – The Difference Maker! Managing Change in the Transforming Multi-Generational Workplace.

Excellent presentation. I love her style!

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