The Best is Yet to Come!

New Year. New Decade. Fresh Start.

The Best is Yet to Come!

It’s great that a new year provides the chance for a reset.  In doing so, consider the following during your introspection…

  • Am I becoming who I want to become?
  • How is my current state contributing to who I want to become?
  • What adjustments should I make in becoming who I want to become?

A closer look…

Am I Becoming Who I Want to Become?

From a career perspective, becoming begins with:

  • Crystalizing your purpose in life;
  • Defining success in a way that is meaningful to you – when paired with your purpose, it becomes the cornerstone for your vision; and
  • Bringing into alignment behaviors, actions, and decisions to support that purpose.

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road’ll take you there” (The Any Road lyric adapted from Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland).

Action Challenge: Put into writing your core values – these establish the foundation for who you are becoming and drive your decisions.

How is My Current State Contributing to Who I Want to Become?

In every state of life, there is an opportunity to learn something – what to start, stop, or continue.

Action Challenge: Identify the lessons you have learned during this current state and how these lessons may lead to change.

What Adjustments Should I Make in Becoming Who I Want to Become?

Constant change is reality so making adjustments is a natural expectation. If there are no adjustments, the risk is getting too comfortable in a current state and not stretching to become all you envisioned.

Action Challenge: Revisit your vision and your progress to date – determine what you will do more of, better, or differently.

The best is yet to come – and it begins with taking action today!

Lillian Davenport, SPHR, SHRM – SCP, CTACC, Principal, End View Solutions, LLC

Lillian Davenport

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Lillian Davenport is a coach, consultant, and leadership strategist. Her signature program, M3 LeadershipSM, prepares you to enhance and develop your self-awareness, embrace your inner strength, and lead with confidence, courage, and impact.

Lillian’s career as a human resources leader includes roles at JPMorgan Chase & Co., Woodforest National Bank, and American International Group, Inc. (AIG), where she leveraged employee relations, and diversity, equity, and inclusion expertise in leadership development.