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The career advancement challenge women leaders face is real, not imagined.

Work with Lillian

Education, talent, and high performance are crucial, yet you find there is so much more to achieving your career aspirations.

You now know the well-intended advice instilled early in life – “work hard, you’ll get ahead” – rarely produces the desired career outcomes.

I developed Maximize HER LeadershipSM to help you bring together your unique leadership capabilities to achieve your thriving career, exceeding what you might imagine.

You’ll dig deep to discover and draw on your strengths, learning how to utilize them to your advantage. You’ll come face-to-face with behaviors that impede achieving your goals.

You’ll work hard to turn challenges into opportunity doorways and build a thriving career.

Maximize HER LeadershipSM

(Educate. Develop. Grow. Elevate.)

Maximize HER LeadershipSM is a 12-week virtual cohort leadership Master Class for career-minded, ambitious women leaders and professionals who want to accelerate their careers. Its delivery engages a combination of online learning, facilitated instruction, and Mastermind Group.

Does this sound like you?

  • You want to prepare for and land your next promotion.
  • You want to trust yourself and others, and let go of the need to “do.”
  • You are sensing there is more to a thriving career than performance, and you want help figuring it out.
  • You desire to build more impactful business relationships.
  • You aim to amplify your voice and take charge of your future and career success.

If you are looking to become the leader at the level you envision, it’s time to gain insight, establish focus, and achieve results. In Maximize HER LeadershipSM, I will guide you through a step-by-step process.

Leadership DNA

Step 1: Strategic Self-Awareness

Discover the Distinctive
Leader in You

“To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.”
Impact People Leadership

Step 2: People Leadership

Build Your Leadership Legacy

Strategic Leadership

Step 3: Executive Outlook

Cultivate an Executive Mindset

"When it was time for me to make a career move, I wanted to do it well, by making the right assessment on my end. To have a structured approach to whatever was next for me, I for the first time in my career decided to get help from an Executive Coach.

Lillian Davenport from End View Solutions was a great resource for me in my search. Not only did she help me identify what I was looking for, she also helped me transition into my new position. She asked the right questions, challenged my assumptions, pushed my boundaries beyond my comfort zone, all this to help me reach a clear sense of self-awareness and clarity.

The high-quality level of coaching services provided by Ms. Davenport continues to be instrumental in my day-to-day as an Executive. I highly recommend her services!"

Adja Ba, Executive Vice President,
Human Resources

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